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463/N2C2, Tema, Ghana.

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Working since 2019

About Hiqma Xpress

Hiqma Xpress is registered business under the laws of Republic of Ghana exporting high quality cosmetic products, handicrafts and agro products from Ghana to the rest of the world.TRUST is our currency, and QUALITY is our product.

We handle orders from manufacturing till loading on the vessel and keeps clients informed in the whole process. Some of the products we supply includes but not limited to; Shea butter, Cocoa butter, African Black Soap, Moringa Products, Virgin Coconut oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Crude Palm Oil, Tiger nuts flour, handicrafts etc.

Our Core Values

TRUST: We believe trust is the only currency for international business. Every relationship whether business or nonbusiness require trust to thrive.  The first time you contact Hiqma Xpress will be the beginning of our relationship which will be built entirely on TRUST.

QUALITY: We offer our valuable clients value for their money by supplying them high quality products at a competitive price which satisfied the needs of the final consumer. As you entrust us with your money, we entrust you with quality products.